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Common Causes for Breaking Down on the Road


Vehicles are made to be durable. And while many of them can withstand most road conditions, they are still machines that can malfunction when you are traveling. Many of our light-duty tow trucks often find themselves towing vehicles that get stranded on the road.

Providing medium duty vehicle towing in Illinois has allowed us to help car owners who have found themselves stranded on the road. These road breakdowns can be avoided when drivers are aware of the many causes of how they happen.

Let’s talk about the most common causes of these breakdowns:

  • Fuel Problems

    Unless you have an EV, your cars will never run without enough gas. Make sure you monitor your gas levels well. Most cars often warn you when you have low gas. When this happens, try to conserve your fuel. If you are already stuck on the road, we have medium-duty tow trucks that can take you to the nearest refueling station.

  • Overheating

    Providing light duty towing in Illinois taught us that overheating is one of the top causes of vehicle breakdowns. It’s hard to immediately identify any malfunctions in your car’s cooling system. Make sure you have your car tuned up regularly to avoid this.

  • Punctured Tires

    Technically, your vehicles can still function with punctured tires. But you should never do it unless you have zero choices.

Make sure you have a spare tire when traveling. When this isn’t a viable solution, you can always opt for towing and roadside assistance.

Here at Patterson Towing LLC, we have the services to help you if your vehicle ever breaks down on the road. Our range of affordable towing services in Centreville, Illinois, is for you in times of road trouble. Call us to learn more!

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