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What Are the Different Kinds of Towing Services?


During unforeseen vehicle breakdowns, selecting the appropriate towing service becomes paramount. By understanding the different towing services, you can make informed decisions and ensure you get the proper assistance. Is this something you would like to learn more about? Patterson Towing LLC, people’s leading choice for affordable towing services in Illinois, is here to help!

Make sure to keep this blog article in handy for situations where towing services might be necessary so that you may refer to the following nuggets of information:

    • Light duty towing in Illinois is a suitable solution for routine breakdowns and smaller vehicles. Two primary methods comprise this service: flatbed towing and tow dolly. The former method offers comprehensive vehicle support, lifting and securing the entire car onto the flatbed platform; the latter employs a dolly to lift either the front or rear wheels of the vehicle, leaving the remaining wheels on the ground.
    • Vehicles exceeding the capacity of standard tow trucks require the specialized capabilities of medium duty vehicle towing in Centreville, Illinois. This service tackles a broader range of challenges, ensuring safe and efficient transport for larger vehicles, including large SUVs, pickups, and full-size passenger vans, to cite a couple of examples.
    • Last but certainly not least, heavy duty vehicle towing in Illinois caters to the recovery of the largest and heaviest vehicles on the road. Specialized equipment, such as rotators, facilitates the lifting and upright rotation of overturned trucks, while heavy-duty winches address complex scenarios involving significant weight. Additionally, dedicated trailers are specifically designed to accommodate the unique dimensional and weight requirements of this category of vehicles. 

    Access all these with us. For inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime!

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