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Knowing What Makes a Vehicle a Junk Car


As a leading provider of light duty towing in Illinois, we are experts when it comes to junk cars. It is important to know if your vehicle is already considered to be a junk car so you know your options and that it doesn’t have to take up unnecessary space in your garage. Here are several factors that can contribute to a vehicle being categorized as a junk car:

  • Significant Mechanical Damage

    It may be considered a junk car if the car has significant mechanical issues that would cost more to repair than how much the vehicle is worth. Some examples of major mechanical issues include a damaged frame, extensive rust or corrosion, and engine or transmission failure.

  • High Mileage

    Vehicles with extremely high mileage may be deemed junk cars because they may not be roadworthy anymore. These cars are also more prone to frequent breakdowns thus, they are not as safe to use.

  • Aged or Obsolete

    Older cars, especially those that don’t have significant historical or collector value, can become junk cars because they become more challenging to maintain. It will also be more difficult to find replacement parts for them.

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