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Vehicle Maintenance Tasks to Do Regularly


Vehicle maintenance is one of the duties of a responsible car owner. Regular maintenance will also reduce the risk of issues on the road, like flat tires, breakdowns, overheating issues, and more. Here are some vehicle maintenance tasks to do regularly that every driver should consider:

  • Change Your Oil Regularly

    Every driver should change their oil at least once every six months or every 3000 miles of driving. Old oil can increase friction and temperatures in your engine, increasing the risk of road incidents and breakdowns. We offer light duty towing in Illinois to help stranded drivers move their automobiles safely and quickly.

  • Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

    Another good practice every driver should do is to check their tire pressure regularly. Poor tire pressure can increase the risk of damage to tires, brakes, and steering systems. It can also make it more difficult for heavy-duty vehicles to engage their brakes. We offer reliable heavy duty vehicle towing in Illinois for larger vehicles on the road with tire problems.

  • Rotate Your Tires

    You should rotate your tires every 5000 to 7000 miles to extend the lifespan and durability of your tires and avoid noise and vibration problems. If your car stalls or breakdowns, we can help you with our medium duty vehicle towing in Illinois.

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